We are happy to announce the Stoos Satellite Vienna!

After a group of people had met in Jan 2012 in the mountains around the little village Stoos, in Switzerland, a network of change agents started emerging. The first milestone was the Stoos Stampede, which took place in June 2012 in Amsterdam. More than 100 people, interested in changing today's world of organizations, management & working towards a more prosperitive future, gathered for two days, co-creating sessions and new ideas. Based upon experience from Stoos Satellite Zürich they started growing a network of Stoos satellites, spread around the globe.

And the story continues. On January 25th the Stoos Connect event will host exciting speakers live in Amsterdam, broadcasting to many locations worldwide. Check out Stoos Connect at one of the onsite locations, or simply from home via your web browser.

The new Stoos Satellite Vienna
Now we also founded a Stoos Satellite in Austria, Vienna. The country is full of change agents, people, who already work on building new types of organizations, new qualities of management and work relationships. There are organizations and people, who struggle with old systems, with resistance to change. Similar to the Stoos Satellite Zürich, "we bring together senior executives, business strategists, managers, workers and customers who either seek or wish to share better ways of doing business".

What is the Stoos network?
Stoos is not limited to a single method, to any specific theory or management style. It is a a growing community of change agents, working for new approaches in organizations. Change happens with or without all those methods and theories. While they partially help to understand and facilitate, this is not enough. Our societies and technologies changed dramatically over the past two decades, while we still more or less apply management concepts from the last century. These concepts keep failing today and are not prepared for the future. Therefore change in our organizations also has to happen faster. And change agents are there to make this vision become reality even faster. Read more about the general motivation of the network in the Stoos Communiqué.

The network relies on interested people, motivated to discuss, to share their stories, to start new ways - a network to be built upon trust. We are looking forward to see this community growing further in Vienna and all around the globe.

Mike Leber (twitter:@michael_leber),
Vienna, 2013

Check out our new XING-group or our group on LinkeIn for anouncement of upcoming meetups.
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